To allow comfortable working space for each person our enrollment is limited to eight people. Each student will have their own space in the studio to set as they like for the duration of their stay.

     The first day we will be working in the studio. When surrounded by a magnificent landscape, it can be overwhelming. It is essential to know what to look for in order to find an ideal composition and learn how to frame what you see, so we will be practicing … We will also learn to mix and make paint swatches of the various colours seen in nature, so that when you are out of doors and set up to paint, you can focus on the subject in hand.

     Learning techniques, understanding colour mixing and composition etc., are extremely important as that gives one confidence. However, technique alone does not make a painting come to life, what does, is the unique expression you were born with. People search for a style, when they already have one, no one sees the world or expresses them self exactly as you do, that is what makes your painting interesting.


     My focus in teaching is to help the individual student develop and express their own visual voice.

     We will do constructive group and individual critiques after painting at the studio, which will enable you to evaluate your own work more effectively and learn to know when you are finished - the much asked question.

     When I visited last September I worked in oils which I discovered was not the most practical medium, the paintings were hard to pack as they needed more drying time. As a preferred medium you may choose to work with watercolours, gouache, acrylics, or pastels, or certainly oil paints if that is your preference. I highly recommend Golden OPEN acrylics which I will be using as they stay workable for three hours and can be used like oils giving you time to blend and at the end of your stay your paintings will be dry to take home.


     Outside of the studio we will supply landscape easels for painting en plein air.Upon registration a list for acrylics, watercolors, oils and pastels will follow. If you have favourite colours or materials other than those mentioned, be sure to bring them also.


     If you prefer not to carry paints etc. with you, for a supplementary  fee, we will provide all materials necessary for the course, but ask that you bring your own brushes.